January 19, 2012 - January 21, 2012
Nairobi, Kenya

On January 19-21, 2012, Innovations for Poverty Action and Strathmore University hosted a three day workshop for approximately 20 African researchers on experimental research design in savings and payments. Participants traveled from 9 countries across Africa to participate in the Nairobi event, which was the first of a series of workshops to be conducted by IPA over the coming three years as part of the Savings and Payments Research Fund, under the Financial Inclusion Program. The workshop focused on both the conceptual and practical aspects of designing a rigorous field experiment in the area of savings and payments. Participants attended a variety of sessions that included lectures, group discussions, and computer lab work. Additionally, IPA Research Network Members Simone Schaner and Christopher Udry visited the workshop to present examples from their ongoing research on financial services for the poor in Africa. Please find below the workshop agenda and selected materials from the course. The organizers hope that the workshop will help influence the future work of attendees.

Course Agenda

Recommended Readings



gfii_kentrain_2-300x300.jpg, by henrySession 1: Evaluation, Theory of Change and Randomization

Session 2: Savings and Payments Research Agenda

Session 3: How to Randomize

Session 4: Threats to Validity

Session 5: Savings and Payments Measurement

Session 6: Sampling, Sample Size and Power Calculations

Session 7: Conducting a Field Experiment on Savings

Session 8: Field Experiment on Barriers to Technology Adoption in Agriculture

Participant & Lecturer Biographies