December 09, 2021 - December 10, 2021
Seville, Spain

From December 9-10, IPA co-hosted a workshop on six thematic discussions to advance the debate on identified priority areas: 1) Responding to environmental threats to peace with action on the ground, 2) The way forward: Lessons learned, best practices, and success stories from the Sahel and beyond, 3) Leveraging big data and the digital transformation for integrated climate and conflict-sensitive action, 4) Interreligious dialogue, peace, and the environment, 5) Local governance, landscapes, and conflict resolution, and 6) International Environmental Law. 

The Workshop aims to support the ongoing efforts by the European External Action Service in the integration of climate and peace considerations into their conflict prevention and mediation support tools. In this regard, the Workshop is complimentary to the EEAS’ series of events on climate and conflict that includes training and capacity-building efforts. The main outputs of the workshop included: 1) the establishment of a network of climate, peace and security experts as well as a group of friends at the European level, 2) the approval of a roadmap of action points, and 3) the drafting of a declaration supporting the climate, peace and security agenda.

To watch the workshop, see the event recordings below for Day 1 and 2, consecutively, below: