June 04, 2015
Washington D.C., United States

On June 4th, IPA, with J-PAL and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) held an event at the World Bank focusing on the new findings published in Science on helping the Ultrapoor. Researchers Dean Karlan and Esther Duflo presented the six-country findings, followed by discussion from Mariana Escobar Arango, Deputy Director General, Department of Social Prosperity, Colombia.

In the second panel, representatives from efforts around the world spoke, including Edgar Leiva, Secretary of Technical Planning, Directory of Public Policies for Paraguay, Hugo Zertuche Guerrero, Director General of Geostatistical Information of PROSPERA in Mexico, Camilla Holmeno, Senior Economist with the World Bank in Ethiopia, and Fiona Howell, Senior Social Assistance Policy Advisor with the National Team For the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction in Indonesia, with discussion from Frank DeGiovanni of the Ford Foundation, which funded the efforts, and wrap up from Frank and Syed Hashemi of BRAC, who shared moving perspectives from each having been working in this area for many years.

You can watch video from the event below.