SME Program 2015 Working Group Meeting

SME Program 2015 Working Group Meeting

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The SME Program held its Sixth Working Group meeting at the MIT Sloan School of Management on November 20, 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The meeting convened SME Program affiliates to discuss innovative research in the SME space. 

Presenters included:

<strong>Welcome &amp; Overview</strong>
Lucia Sánchez, <em>Innovations for Poverty Action</em>    
<strong>“The Growth of New Firms” </strong>
Jean-Noël Barrot, <em>MIT Sloan School of Management</em>    

<strong>“Procuring Firm Growth: The Effects of Government Purchases on Firm Dynamics”</strong>
Claudio Ferraz, <em>Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro    </em>
<strong>“Upping the Ante: The Equilibrium Effects of Unconditional Grants to Private Schools”</strong>
Asim Khwaja, <em>Harvard Kennedy School    </em>

<strong>“Scaling agricultural information services”</strong>
Shawn Cole, <em>Harvard Business School</em>    

<strong>“Project development opportunities”</strong>
Prathap Kasina, <em>Innovations for Poverty Action</em>    

<strong>“Interfirm Relationships and Business Performance”</strong>
Jing Cai, <em>University of Michigan    </em>

<strong>“Business is tough, but family is worse: The role of family constraints on microenterprise development in Uganda”</strong>
Nathan Fiala, <em>University of Connecticut    </em>
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