July 08, 2021
Webinar, United States

On July 8, 2021, Rebecca Rouse, Director of IPA's Financial Inclusion Program, presented at a roundtable entitled "Scaling innovative solutions and financing mechanisms for city-wide transformation of slums and informal settlements." The roundtable was part of a Tripartite Conference, facilitated by UN Habitat. The conference took stock of progress made in transforming living conditions in informal settlements and slums, examined the lessons learned and facilitated engagement with the business community to help fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals. Rebecca presented on innovative credit models for asset purchases, small-dollar credit, and pay-as-you-go services. Overall, the roundtable discussed the challenges and opportunities available for the application of innovations and best practices to forestall further economic downturn, barriers to entry and investment, and pro-poor innovations worthy of commercial investment. The event was an opportunity for IPA to present to the private sector and engaged with key stakeholders in the business community.