November 18, 2020
9:30AM, 10AM, and 2:30PM EST
Online, Colombia
Colombia #INTERRUPTOR2020 Banner Image from their Website

On Wednesday, November 18, IPA took part in #INTERRUPTOR2020, an annual meeting organized by Colombia’s Office of the Attorney Inspector General (PGN) and their National Planning Department (DNP), with the support of IPA. INTERRUPTOR is an annual meeting organized by the Colombian government to discuss innovation in the public sector and cooperation opportunities to address public challenges. #INTERRUPTOR2020 took place on Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19, 2020 in Spanish. See the full agenda here

At 9:30 AM EST, Esther Duflo, J-PAL co-founder and co-director and winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics, gave a presentation entitled "Learning Together: Using Evidence to Improve Lives." (Note: This presentation was streamed in English with the option of a simultaneous Spanish translation).

At 10 AM EST, Esther joined Annie Duflo, IPA Executive Director, and Carlos Scartascini, Leader of the IDB Behavioral Economics Group, Argentina, on "(Un) Learning to Innovate in the Public Sphere," moderated by Diana Dajer, Director at the Public Ministry’s Research Institute, Colombia. (Note: This panel was held in English with the option of a simultaneous Spanish translation).

At 2:30 PM EST, Juan Manuel Hernández-Agramonte, IPA’s Deputy Regional Director for Latin America, led the panel "Strengthening the Use of Data and Evidence in Public Policies," where he discussed the embedded lab model that IPA has been promoting in the region, with a presentation on the history and evolution of MineduLAB (Peru) and a discussion of the replicability of this model with other public sector partners. Also participating in this panel were: Annie Chumpitaz, Head of Monitoring and Strategic Evaluation Office in the Ministry of Education, Peru, and in charge of MineduLAB; Juan Camilo Taborda, Head of Research and Experimentation, ProcuraLAB - PGN Innovation Lab, Public Ministry’s Research Institute; and Olga Lucía Romero Londoño, Director for Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy, National Planning Department, Colombia. (Note: This panel was held in Spanish with the option of a simultaneous English translation).

Watch the event recording below (Esther at 1:33:05, Esther and Annie at 2:03:11, and Juan at 6:36:44 in the recording)