August 05, 2020 - August 12, 2020
Webinar, Philippines

From August 5-12, IPA Philippines held virtual meetings with various government agencies to present the results of the RECOVR Survey. The presentation was led by Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri together with Elliot Collins who is one of the lead researchers of the RECOVR Philippines Survey. On August 5, IPA presented findings related to health and COVID-19 mitigation to the Director of the Health Promotion and Communication Service of the Department of Health. On August 6, IPA co-hosted a conference meeting with the Policy Development and Planning Bureau, Research and Evaluation Division attended by DSWD officials, including several assistant secretaries, and program units. The presentation focused on findings related to social protection and livelihood. On August 6, IPA presented findings related to education to the Planning Service, and Policy Research and Development Division of the Department of Education. On August 12, IPA presented findings related to nutrition and food security to the Nutrition Policy and Planning Division of the National Nutrition Council. IPA will continue to collaborate with government partners by working to provide data and policy support for their ongoing or forthcoming initiatives in response to the pandemic.