May 31, 2021
Webinar, Philippines

On May 31, IPA presented the findings from the Digital Cash Transfers Monitoring Survey to the Policy and Plans Cluster of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The study seeks to understand the beneficiary experience with the digitized system of payment transfers of the government’s Social Amelioration Program (SAP)—an emergency cash subsidy program to help low-income households affected by the pandemic. The results aim to provide the DSWD with baseline data to understand the barriers to access and user experience of digital cash transfers, and to inform policies on current and future cash transfer programs. With regard to the COVID-19 response, the government is planning another cash subsidy program for households affected by the pandemic, which will be handled by the DSWD. Dr. Nassreena Sampaco-Baddiri (Country Director, IPA Philippines) and Dr. Cesi Cruz (Assistant Professor Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia) led the presentation of the key findings; mainly on the beneficiaries’ financial awareness, capability and financial health, program awareness, and program experience; and policy recommendations for the DSWD. IPA is scheduled to present the results to the SAP Technical Working Group and other key DSWD officials on June 14.

IPA Research Team

IPA Philippines DSWD Officials