November 08, 2018
9AM - 5 PM
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
On November 8, IPA Kenya, in collaboration with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, held a launch event for Kenya's latest Poverty Probability Index (PPI®), an easy-to-use poverty measurement tool. PPIs are created by a statistical learning model that selects 10 questions from a country's own national survey data, which most strongly predict poverty in the country. Answers to these 10 questions are converted to individual household poverty likelihoods and group poverty rates. This new PPI is based on data from Kenya's 2015 Household Budget Survey.
This session:
  1. Explained what the PPI is and how it works
  2. Introduced the newly-updated PPI for Kenya
  3. Explained how to use PPI data to drive business decisions
  4. Shared tips and tools to optimize PPI use
  5. Discussed custom PPIs that can be created for different contexts/applications.

Speakers at the event included Paul Kemboi Samoei (Senior Manager, Research and Development, Directorate of Statistical Coordination and Methods, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics), Allison Stone (Deputy Country Director, IPA Kenya), Varun Kshirsagar (Technical Director, PPI), and William Blackmon (Research Coordinator, IPA Kenya).

The event was featured in the Daily Nation, Kenya's highest-circulation independent newspaper:

IPA Research Coordinator William Blackmon during the launch of the updated Kenya PPI in Nairobi.