September 28, 2016
Chicago, United States

On September 28th, IPA’s Financial Inclusion Program, together with JPMorgan Chase & Co., co-hosted a workshop on using behavioral insights in the financial sector. The event brought together top behavioral scientists from both academia and industry to present recent research on financial products and services, and how participants can integrate these lessons into their own work. The event also explored how rapid-fire testing can be used by both financial institutions and nonprofit service providers to improve the design and delivery of products and services. Speakers included experts from Dartmouth College, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, Intuit, Morningstar, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Innovations for Poverty Action. It was attended by about 40 participants from the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.


Opening Remarks
Charlie Corrigan
Vice President of Philanthropic Giving, JPMorgan Chase

Behavioral Insights from the Academic Research


Kyle Holloway Program Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action


Jonathon Zinman Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College
Behavioral Insights for Business Models (PPT)

Daniel BartelsAssistant Professor of Marketing, University of Chicago (Booth)
Examining Effects of Numeric Cues on Consumer Behavior (PPT)

Damon Jones | Assistant Professor of Public Policy, University of Chicago (Harris)
Overcoming Barriers to Saving (PPT)

Roundtable on Rapid-fire Testing


Rebecca RouseDirector of Financial Inclusion Program, Innovations for Poverty Action


Nhung Ho | ‎Data Science Manager, Intuit
Wasabi - A/B Testing Platform

Erik Johnson Marketing Optimization Manager, Morningstar (Behavioral Insights Team)
Three Steps to Rapid Testing (PPT)

Aaron Dibner-Dunlap Program Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action
Rapid-fire Testing: Getting Started (PPT)

Challenges to Implementing Innovation


Nora GregoryProgram Manager, Innovations for Poverty Action


Elana SafranAssociate Fellow, White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team

Paul Woodruff | VP of Community Development, St. Louis Community Credit Union

Carl MorrisVice President of Sales, FlexWage Solutions


Supported by

JPMorgan & Chase



Behavioral Insights for Business Models
Jonathan Zinman
Examining Effects of Numeric Cues on Consumer Behavior
Daniel Bartels
Overcoming Barriers to Saving
Damon Jones
Rapid-fire Testing: Getting Started
Aaron Dibner-Dunlap
Three Steps to Rapid Testing
Erik Johnson