Nava Ashraf, Kathleen McGinn
May 09, 2012

In 2010, when I was role-playing with classmates in a graduate school Negotiations course, I never thought I would soon be facilitating a similar program in a secondary school in Zambia.

Media Coverage
July 14, 2011
Sometimes big ideas start with small experiments. That's been the experience of Harvard Business School professor Nava Ashraf, whose experimental approach to research in developing countries has produced insights that have influenced government policies.
Nava Ashraf, Mushfiq Mobarak, Michael Kremer
January 27, 2011

Last Friday I attended the inaugural Impact Evaluation Conference at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. It was great hearing an exciting mix of new research fresh from leading academics, and ideas from various practitioners on the challenges of incorporating evaluation into public policy.

Media Coverage
March 09, 2010
IPA Project Associates Kerry Brennan and Daniel Tello review the findings of two IPA studies that examine the role of sunk costs in decisions about how to provide goods and services to the poor. Many people assume that paying for something will make you more likely to use it, while items given away for free are undervalued and less likely to be used. These seemingly harmless assumptions have a big impact on current debates over how health products should be delivered to the poor.