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September 09, 2011
Rebecca Rouse, Project Coordinator for IPA's US Household Finance Initiative speaks to the Chicago Tribune about our commitment savings work in the USA.
August 16, 2011
The US Household Finance Initiative (USHFI) at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for financial institutions to collaborate with IPA as part of its Financial Products Innovation Fund.  USHFI is seeking to collaborate with financial institutions on the development and beta testing of new financial products and product features that apply insights from behavioral economics to help low-income households achieve financial resiliency.  Awardees will work closely with USHFI and behavioral economists Drs.
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July 29, 2011
A Connecticut non-profit is testing a new product to help low-income people overcome their particular obstacles to saving money. Innovations for Poverty Action is recruiting participants at the District Government Employees Federal Credit Union in Washington. The effort replicates a program already up and running in New York City.
July 08, 2011

On June 24, 2011, IPA’s US Household Finance Initiative convened its inaugural working group meeting in New York City.  This meeting brought together academics, financial institutions, nonprofits, policymakers and members of the private sector to discuss the direction of IPA’s new Financial Products Innovation Fund and to highlight needs and opportunities for innovative financial product development.

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April 03, 2011
"[We] try to get a better understanding of what makes consumers tick,” said Dartmouth College professor Jonathan Zinman, a behavioral economist who serves as an adviser to HelloWallet. "And basically the model research-wise is to try to come up with innovations that provide a win-win for the consumer. . . and the service provider.”
Dean Karlan, John List
December 09, 2009

Research on charitable giving by IPA President Dean Karlan and Research Affiliate John List is mentioned in Ian Ayres' review of the new Superfreakonomics

Randomized field trials get a shout out as well, since Ayres writes that all regressions wish they could be based on randomized experiments:

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December 08, 2009
IPA President Dean Karlan and Project Associate Kareem Haggag discuss the findings of research on matching grants in charitable giving: Many foundations and non-profits run campaigns to increase public awareness of a particular issue and to motivate donations. Recently, some foundations have also begun thinking of their donations as a catalyst enabling a non-profit to raise even more funds from other donors. Similarly, non-profits often approach foundations seeking a gift that they can use to motivate other givers.
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June 24, 2008
FAI Managing Director Jonathan Morduch talks to NPR's Marketplace about domestic microfinance.   To listen to the full interview - Marketplace
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March 09, 2008
Two Social Scientists, Dean Karlan and John List look at what makes people give to a particular charity at a certain time by testing donor responses to different solicitation letters.