Webinar,United States
August 19, 2021

On August 19, Ricardo Morel, IPA's Peace and Recovery Program Director, and Aprille Knox, Policy Manager at J-PAL, joined USAID's Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) Community of Practice to present emerging evidence on interventions aimed at reducing or preventing the violent behavior of individuals in high-crime or conflict setting.

Mexico City,Mexico
November 20, 2019, November 21, 2019

On November 20-21, the Centro de Estudios Monetarios Lationamericanos (CEMLA) and Banco de México (Mexico's Central Bank) co-hosted the XI Conference of Financial Education and Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event convened representatives from education ministries, treasuries, banking regulators, commercial banks, multilateral organizations, and cooperation organizations in the hemisphere.
Mexico City,Mexico
October 14, 2019 - October 18, 2019

On October 14-18, IPA and government partners participated in the What Works Global Summit (WWGS), which brought together world leaders in evidence-based decision-making to explore the evidence for designing, implementing, and reviewing effective programs and policies.
IPA participated in the following workshops and panels:
  1. Evidence to policy in education: Practical tools for co-creating research with governments
    • Date/Time: October 14, 4-6 pm
New York City,United States
September 12, 2018

When it comes to combating crime and homicide in Latin America—home to 41 of the 50 most dangerous cities—policymakers have few tested tools at their disposal. Does hot spots policing reduce violence in high-crime neighborhoods? How can police become more accountable and trusted in their communities?

Mexico City,Mexico
March 25, 2018 - March 29, 2018

Innovations for Poverty Action's research and policy work was highlighted in a pair of panel sessions at the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference in Mexico City this month. In the first panel, IPA participants shared their experiences working with Ministries of Education in Peru, Ghana, and Zambia to equip policymakers and educators to create, understand, and apply rigorous evidence to their education practice.

Seminario Impulsando el Ahorro Voluntario
Maria Aranzazu Rodriguez Uribe presents at Seminario Impulsando el Ahorro Voluntario
Mexico City,Mexico
September 27, 2016

On September 27th, Maria Aranzazu Rodriguez Uribe (IPA Colombia) moderated a panel at the 2° Seminario Impulsando el Ahorro Voluntario (2nd Seminar Promoting Voluntary Savings). The event, hosted by the IADB and the Mexican pension authority, CONSAR, brought together key players in the Mexican long-term savings space to discuss policies and practices aiming to encourage long-term voluntary savings.

Washington,United States
February 27, 2015

On February 27, CGAP, IPA, J-PAL, and The World Bank hosted a day-long event that presented the latest evidence on the impact of microcredit, discussed the implications for policy and practice, and identified directions for future innovation and research.
Mexico City,Mexico
November 01, 2014

Lucia Sanchez (SME Initiative Director, IPA) traveled to Mexico in November to meet with stakeholders in the SME sector. Her meetings included a conversation with Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, the National Institute of Entrepreneurship (INADEM), and Unidad de Productividad Económica to explore ideas for an evaluation of SME support services provided through the National Entrepreneurship Fund. They also discussed evaluating a new program that provides business funding and training to beneficiaries of the Prospera cash transfer program who have started small businesses.

Mexico City,Mexico

The Bank of Mexico will hold a conference on Evaluation Methods, where Anna York and Tania Alfonso from Innovations for Poverty Action, Peru will present on randomized control trial evaluation methodology and types and examples of impact studies. They will specifically discuss IPA's Business Education study from Peru.