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July 07, 2014
In an op-ed for the New York Times, IPA researcher Chris Blattman raises the idea of cash transfers to the homeless in the United States.
Christopher Blattman, Nathan Fiala, Sebastian Martinez, Jeannie Annan
July 09, 2012

Over at The Smoke-Filled Room, Yale PhD student Suparna Chaudhry writes:

Christopher Blattman, Julian Jamison, Margaret Sheridan
December 27, 2010

Chris Blattman describes an update on one of his projects with IPA in Liberia:

Helen, the research assistant overseeing the targeting, surveying, and behavioral measurement emails me on progress:

…surprisingly none of our equipment disappeared and none of our enumerators were juked, harassed or hustled from.

Christopher Blattman, Jeannie Annan, Robert Blair
November 26, 2010

Chris Blattman is off to Liberia to check in on a couple of projects being implemented with IPA. I'm pretty sure our excellent field staff will have everything under control.

One project is a study on a training program for former civil war combatants, another an evaluation of a peace education program. If you thought that RCTs couldn't do governance, you thought wrong.


August 05, 2010

Alanna Sheikh started a bit of a debate last week on the limitations of impact evaluations. She cites Andrew Natsios (a former USAID administrator)

Media Coverage
July 08, 2010
IPA Researcher Chris Blattman's evaluation of an intervention aimed at Street Youth in Liberia is covered by the BBC's The World program.  Listen to the audio here, including interviews with Liberia Country Director Tricia Gonwa and Professor Blattman.