September 21, 2015

By Colin Felsman

IPA Colombia and J-PAL Latin America & Carribean, and Universidad de los Andes’ Center for the Study of Security and Drugs (CESED), recently convened policymakers, researchers, and civil society members to discuss proven solutions and pressing questions surrounding conflict and post-conflict contexts. 

Jeanne Lafortune
December 17, 2014

In the past couple of decades, the world has experienced a radical shift in the way information is accessed and delivered. The technological revolution has made it possible for most people in rich countries and a significant number in poor countries to become knowledgeable on any imaginable topic.

Gharad Bryan, Pamela Jakiela, Dean Karlan, Daniel Keniston, Antoinette Schoar
July 07, 2014

In developing countries small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are thought to be an important source of innovation and employment because of their flexibility in responding to new market opportunities and their potential for growth.