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February 22, 2018
Burkina's Information Agency interviews Estelle Plat, IPA Country Director Burkina Faso and Mali. She explained IPA’s findings that simply changing the timing of when farmers are offered the opportunity to buy seeds and fertilizer can make a difference in whether they do: "If we approach producers when they have liquidity in hand [right after the previous harvest], they are able to pay for the inputs and invest them.
August 15, 2017
The Peace & Recovery (P&R) Program at Innovations for Poverty Action is launching its first request for proposals, through an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form available now. Expressions of Interest are due on September 15, 2017. The P&R Program is designed to support field experiments and related research in several broad areas:
July 26, 2016

By Arthur Sagot-Duvauroux

It takes time for an organization to influence policy decisions. It requires rigorous work to be trusted as a professional and high-quality organization. Relationships need to be established and expanded to the point that decision makers listen and solicit your opinion.

How can you secure such relationships when in just over a year the country goes through a popular uprising, a transitional government, a coup d’état, and democratic elections?

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July 05, 2016
Rachel Glennerster writes in Burkina Faso's L'Economiste about her research with IPA in Sierra Leone on how knowledge of candidates affects voters. (Note: in French)
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May 05, 2016
Burkina Faso's L'Economiste has a feature article about Brown University economist and IPA researcher Anja Sautmann's research into ways to better detect and treat childhood illnesses and prevent deaths in Mali.
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September 03, 2015
IPA Executive Director Annie Duflo spoke with Burkina Faso's L’Economiste du Faso about how to improve the quality of teaching and ultimately pupils learning performances. They discussed IPA's reasearch in Ghana using out of class tutors to improve student classroom performance, which you can read about here. The full article is here (PDF).
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April 09, 2015
Burkina Faso's Tribune profiles PI Lori Beaman and the role of randomized controlled trials in development using the project Agricultural Microfinance in Mali as an example. 
Nolwenn Gontard
March 19, 2015
By Nolwenn Gontard
Editor’s note: in October 2014 IPA’s West Africa programs director woke up at 5AM to his cell phone ringing and a staffer reassuring him “the Parliament is on fire, but don’t worry, everybody’s fine, we’re going to work from home today.” In a blog post below, intern Nolwenn Gontard from our Burkina Faso office writes about what it’s like when a revolution breaks out during your study.
Clara Delavallade, Felipe Dizon
September 27, 2013
Editor’s note: This guest posting is by IPA intern Ali Ouedraogo.