Glenna Gordon
Kerry Brennan
May 27, 2010
Nicholas Kristof is catching a lot of flak these days for a recent column on what he calls an "ugly secret of global poverty."  Citing conversations with people in Congo, as well as research by IPA Research Affiliates Abhijit  Banerjee and Esther...
Alex Kobishyn
May 14, 2010
Of the many excellent notions Dean Karlan brought up during his USAID lecture last week, one had particular resonance.  Prof. Karlan expressed his wish that practitioners, who likely made up the majority of his audience at the USAID seminar, view...
Kerry Brennan
May 11, 2010
A while back, a study estimated the number of people who will ever read any given published academic paper.  The number was pretty low; it was somewhere just barely above the total number of editors plus their parents.  The finding seemed to confirm...
Glenna Gordon
Dean Karlan
May 06, 2010
Here's a nice article written by Chris Dunford and the gang at Freedom from Hunger.  Freedom from Hunger is certainly an organization that understands the value of rigorous evaluation.  They have worked with IPA in Benin,
April 23, 2010
The John Bates Clark Medal is one of the most prestigious awards a young economist can win (some would say second only to the Nobel).   And in fact, it has a reputation as a "Baby Nobel" because of how many awardees have gone on to win that prize as...
April 23, 2010
UPDATE from this morning's blog post about the John Bates Clark Medal:  Esther Duflo was announced as the winner of the prestigious award. Congratulations from all at IPA!
3ie logo 2.png
Nathanael Goldberg
April 19, 2010
3ie, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, has released a call for proposals for programs to be evaluated.  Unlike 3ie's Open Window, in which researchers submit evaluation proposals, this Policy Window is a call for government...
April 12, 2010
IPA just released its latest newsletter, which provides a well-timed summary of the results of the recent microcredit impact evaluations, as well as information that reminds us that there are many "impact" questions left to be asked, an
Kerry Brennan
April 09, 2010
The debate over the impact of access to microcredit continues, with a group of practitioners entering the fray with the publication of "Measuring the Impact of Microfinance: Our Perspective."  The release of this document, which is signed by Acción...
Thomas Chupein
Kerry Brennan
March 31, 2010
Images of adorable children in developing countries are so often used to build sympathy and support for international NGOs that photos of smiling African children have become a near prerequisite for hoping to raise any money from donors.  Obviously...
March 25, 2010
  We at IPA have recently been delving into the world of online advertising to help us spread the gospel of rigorous impact research.  Being who we are, we could not resist this opportunity to run a field experiment.  We designed one that would help...
Kerry Brennan
March 01, 2010
The blog over at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) recently featured a post by Senior Economist Ralph De Haas, who describes a randomized evaluation of microfinance in Mongolia that recently completed fieldwork.  Although...
Martin Rotemberg
February 17, 2010
Where do resident non-citizens get to vote? The Bolivian government recently decided that all foreigners who have lived in the country for at least two years can vote in the upcoming elections (actually, they have to vote, otherwise they can't do...
January 27, 2010
IPA President Dean Karlan guest posts on the Nudge blog to share a story about how an "anti-nudge" in his rental car almost side-tracked a trip to visit the Microcredit Impact Study in Northern Mexico...    
Dean Karlan
January 24, 2010
Kristof (again!) has a nice blog post about the tradeoff between consuming things we think we want, at the expense of not giving to charities to help people who struggle for basic needs.  Very much like Peter Singer's famous lake analogy
Camille Boudot & Andre Butler
Dean Karlan
December 31, 2009
Nice article today by Kristof in the New York Times.
Kerry Brennan
December 09, 2009
Research on charitable giving by IPA President Dean Karlan and Research Affiliate John List is mentioned in Ian Ayres' review of the new Superfreakonomics.  Randomized field trials get a shout out as well, since Ayres writes that all regressions...
A coin vendor's wares in Accra.
Ryan Knight
Ryan Knight
December 08, 2009
No, this isn't a blog about health care, or even reforming financial regulation. This blog is literally about change that is for sale.
Nathanael Goldberg
November 30, 2009
It’s no secret few MFIs have had much success mobilizing the “poorest of the poor” into their programs.  This failure has remained a persistent irritant in an otherwise phenomenally successful industry. Microfinance advocates have generally taken...
November 25, 2009
President Obama announced today that he will nominate Elizabeth Littlefield for President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).