May 01, 2017
Dean Karlan and Chris Udry speak with farmers in Ghana

IPA congratulates our founder, Dean Karlan, on his upcoming move to Northwestern University. Dean will join his frequent collaborator and fellow IPA-affiliated researcher Chris Udry, who will also be moving there, as well as IPA affiliates Lori Beaman & Seema Jayachandran. Dean and Chris will be co-directors of a new center at Northwestern, which will collaborate with IPA around the world. We are proud to continue working with Dean, Chris, and our nearly 600 other affiliated researchers at over 150 universities globally, working towards a world with more evidence and less poverty. 




You can hear Dean and Chris talk with NPR's Planet Money about their research on insurance for farmers in Ghana here.

Dean Karlan and Chris Udry speak with Robert Smith of NPR's Planet Money