Access to primary education has expanded over the last two decades, yet progress on increasing access to secondary school has been much slower. Although relatively few young people make it to high school, furthering one's education is thought to have large impacts not only on future earnings, but also on health, gender equality, and civic participation. More evidence is needed to determine just what the impacts are, however. IPA's research on this topic seeks to measure those impacts and investigates ways to increase access.


Researchers are partnering with a mobile money operator in Kenya to offer a commitment savings product to parents whose children will soon be making the costly transition to high school.


As girls pass through adolescence, a number of factors influence whether they complete secondary school, avoid teenage pregnancy, and develop the life skills, attitudes, behaviors and...


Colombia's PACES program provided over 125,000 poor children with vouchers that covered half the cost of private secondary school. The vouchers were renewable annually conditional on adequate...