Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman on financial services in developing countries

Apr 23/15 | From the newsroom | 

Subsidies Key in Improving Sanitation, New Study Finds

Apr 16/15 | Announcement | 

IPA, randomized controlled trials and researcher Lori Beaman in Burkina Faso news

Apr 09/15 | From the newsroom | 

IPA & J-PAL Microcredit research in Fast Company

Mar 10/15 | From the newsroom | 

Rebuilding after Ebola

Feb 06/15 | From the newsroom | 

IPA researchers in on Ebola and data in the New York Times

Jan 30/15 | From the newsroom | 

Microcredit does not live up to promise of transforming lives of the poor, six studies show

Jan 21/15 | Announcement | 
January 22, 2015, NEW HAVEN, CT - Microcredit—providing small loans to underserved entrepreneurs—has been both celebrated and vilified as a development tool. Six new studies from four continents bring rigorous evidence to this debate, finding that while microcredit has some benefits, it is not a viable poverty alleviation tool.

Malawi Business Times on how to help farmers save more

Dec 30/14 | From the newsroom | 
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