Making Ghanaian Girls Great, In the News

Jul 15/14 | From the newsroom | 


Chris Blattman on Domestic Cash Transfers in the New York Times

Jul 06/14 | From the newsroom | 

Dean Karlan's Utilitarian Guide to the World Cup

Watch Annie Duflo at Skoll World Forum

Jun 16/14 | From the newsroom | 

IPA Executive Director Annie Duflo spoke recently in a panel called "Embracing Complexity - Effectively Evaluating Both Models and Adaptive Initiatives" at the Skoll World Forum. Watch the video below. 


Chris Hughes on GiveDirectly, IPA

Jun 16/14 | From the newsroom | 

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes writes about GiveDirectly for Four Seasons Magazine. In the article, Hughes praises the role of evidence for giving, specifically citing GiveDirectly's and IPA's evaluation of it.

Microcredit in Morocco in The Economist

Jun 12/14 | From the newsroom | 

Tim Harford on Randomization -- In Chinese

Jun 11/14 | From the newsroom | 

In Businessweek, Charles Kenny on Cash Transfers in Afghanistan

Jun 08/14 | From the newsroom | 

Dean Karlan Interviewed on Tiny Spark Podcast

Jun 08/14 | From the newsroom | 

IPA founder Dean Karlan was a guest last week on the international development podcast Tiny Spark, where he discussed a wide range of development-related topics. Listen to the podcast here

Randomization in the News

Jun 08/14 | From the newsroom | 


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