Dean Karlan in American Banker on Big Data Startups Increasing Access to Credit

Dec 23/13 | From the newsroom | 

IPA Evaluation of GiveDirectly in the UK Independent

Jan 23/14 | From the newsroom | 

Forbes Highlights IPA Evaluation in Discussion of GiveDirectly

Feb 10/14 | From the newsroom | 

Dean Karlan in the Economist on microcredit borrowing costs

Jan 30/14 | From the newsroom | 

Kenya's Africa Business Daily Discusses IPA's GiveDirectly Evaluation

Jan 21/14 | From the newsroom | 

Asian Tribune Reports on World's Largest Deworming Drive

Jan 26/14 | From the newsroom | 

The Asian Tribune reports on the world’s largest deworming drive, by IPA spinoff Evidence Action, in Bihar India. Full article here

IPA Philippines Office Inaugurates New Partnership

Jan 08/14 | From the newsroom | 

IPA’s Philippines office and The University of the Philippines School of Economics recently announced a new multi-faceted partnership across research, training, and dissemination events. You can see the full announcement here.

Taking Evidence to Scale

Jan 27/14 | From the newsroom | 

Wednesday, January 29 2014

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