• Peru MIMP

Researchers are implementing two rounds of phone-based surveys to a large sample of couples in urban Peru to: (i) understand the impact on IPV and intra-household conflict of restrictions instituted to contain the spread of COVID-19; (ii) characterize couples at heightened risk of IPV as a result of these measures in order to increase understanding of risk factors for IPV and inform the government’s response to IPV by helping them target services to couples most in need; and (iii) evaluate the efficacy of an SMS intervention designed to help men manage emotional regulation while at heightened risk of committing expressive violence.

Funding for this project was provided by J-PAL's Innovation in Government Initiative.

Program Area:
Study Type:
Randomized Evaluation, Descriptive / Surveillance
May-August 2020
Implemented by IPA:
Impact Goals:
Improve women’s health, safety, and economic empowerment
Data Collection Mode:
CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing); SMS
Results Status:
No Results Yet