Proven Impact Fund

The Proven Impact Fund (PIF) is designed to allocate resources to organizations implementing programs shown to work by IPA research. 100% of each donation to PIF will be directed to proven programs, with no overhead taken by IPA, so that the full value of all contributions is used to support and expand effective interventions.

Funding directly supports programs that have rigorous evidence behind their success. Because fund allocations are based on relevant needs and optimal timing of the various programs, financial support from the fund may vary over time. For example, in a given period, funds may be directed to cover a shortfall of deworming pills needed to complete annual treatment in a high prevalence region of Ethiopia, and in the next, funds could be used to help market new commitment savings products across the Philippines. One thing, however, will never change: each and every program funded by PIF is backed by substantial evidence of its impact.


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