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Working with IPA makes my life easier and my research better, as they have so much high-quality infrastructure in place both in the US and on the ground. I can't imagine wanting to do it on my own after this.

julian jamisonIPA Research Partner

Julian Jamison

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

IPA partners with organizations implementing poverty alleviation programs in order to evaluate their impact. IPA is seeking research and implementing partners to study important policy questions related to poverty reduction using randomized controlled trials. 

Why Partner With IPA?

IPA partners gain important insight into which of their interventions work and why they work. Additionally, IPA partners gain valuable experience conducting rigorous evaluations. Our aim is to empower local organizations to continue to use such methodologies. We conduct special training sessions, and our partner organization, the MIT Jameel Poverty Action Lab, offers executive education two to three times per year to help guide organizations in successfully conducting randomizations.

How Partnership With IPA Works

We partner with a wide variety of different organizations and researchers. We bring together three key elements; an organization with a project they want to test, experts who are interested in the research question, and a source of funding. Sometimes it starts with a government, NGO, or firm that has an idea to test. Sometimes it starts with a researcher who has a great research question. We bring together all the pieces and make the project happen.  

Partner with IPA:

Partnering with Researchers brochure (PDF)



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