April 13, 2011
"The World Development Report has now been released, and its focus is very much in line with the current of development thought right now: fragile states. It could only have been more de rigueur if it had been all about randomised evaluations."
Ranil at AidThoughts will no doubt be pleased to learn that IPA is launching a new research initiative to draw together academics working in the field and organizations implementing peace-building activities to develop new randomized evaluations on post conflict recovery and fragile states. The last 10 years has generated a considerable amount of hard evidence on the kind of programs that are most cost effective for improving health and education, but we are really just getting started with the thorny questions of how to resolve conflict and improve governance. Do employment programs for youth really prevent conflict? Or community reconciliation efforts? We are only just starting to find out what really works (and what doesn't).
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