March 08, 2011

Today is International Women’s Day, a day when everybody, in developed and developing countries alike, can honor and recognize women around the world. In Russia women receive bundles of flowers; in India, sweets are the gift of choice. We would like to offer a few stories about the women closest to home: those who work in the front lines of IPA offices around the world.

From Mongolia to Malawi, here are a few women that inspire us. We hope they inspire you, too. Read on and you’ll see why we have lots of reasons to celebrate.

IPA Kenya would like to honor Carol Nekesa. Carol grew up as the daughter of teachers in Busia, a small town in Western Kenya. In 1996, Carol entered the research world when she began working as a data entry clerk for International Child Support (ICS), a Busia-based NGO. Carol proved her skill and leadership capacity quickly and was soon promoted to data manager. She helped to negotiate the transition of research projects between ICS and IPA in 2005, and was promoted to Program Manager at IPA in 2007.  

After receiving her Bachelors degree in Commerce and playing a central role in the growth of IPA-Kenya's research portfolio, Carol was promoted to Deputy Country Director in 2011. In her current position Carol is directly leading the work of IPA-Kenya's 200-person office, and is an active participant in IPA's global growth.

When she's not playing this role, she is the busy wife and mother of three active young girls. Happy Women’s Day, Carol!

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