September 28, 2010

Featured post from Daniel Katz's blog (IPA Project Associate in Uganda) 


Recently the data-entry company finally finished entering the 2,812 28-page surveys from one of our surveys, and it was time to pick them up. Joe, IPA Uganda's phenomenal office- and data-manager, came along to see how my little vehicle would do with so many surveys. I was a bit nervous about how I could possibly fit all that in the Rav.
Flawless victory!


I'm so proud/smug


So proud of the little guy... 78,736 pieces of paper, and maybe half full?
Roped everyone currently in the office into helping carry them up the 5 stories to the office:


In the office:
And for context (surveys from other survey exercises in envelopes on the other shelves):


Kinda weird seeing such a tangible, visible result of so much work. Looks so.... small. I swear I worked harder than that.

Now to start working on sampled re-entry to see how well the data-entry company did (holding my breath...)