November 05, 2015
2-3 PM, EST, United States

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have grown in popularity among for-profit and not-for-profit financial service providers alike, due to their accuracy in evaluating both bottom-line and social mission impacts. But many organizations struggle to understand exactly what RCTs are, and how to begin using RCTs for decision-making. 

In this free webinar, we discuss why RCTs are so powerful and how financial service providers can use RCTs to understand the impacts of their products and services. Specifically, we cover: 

  • Insights into why RCTs are an effective tool for decision-making, including when they're useful (and when they're not)
  • Tangible steps to take to prepare for and launch an RCT
  • Identifying appropriate metrics and ideas for how to maximize the value of your data

View a recording of the webinar here.


Better Decision-Making with Randomized Controlled Trials
Lucia Goin