September 07, 2015 - September 09, 2015
Antalya, Turkey

The advent of digital finance has brought with it the opportunity to include those without full access to formal financial services. However, increased access to and use of digital financial services, for all its benefits, does not come without risks, which are crucial to address if financial services are to enhance consumer well-being.

Responsible finance is core to the goals of Universal Financial Access by 2020 and contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Collaboration between the private sector and government to promote digital innovation can help foster inclusive financial systems that protect consumers and equip them with the tools necessary to meet their financial needs.

This Sixth Annual Responsible Finance Forum (RFFVI) brings together policymakers, financial service providers, and researchers for an evidence-based, interactive discussion on advancing inclusive and responsible financial services, financial capability programs, private sector initiatives, and proportionate consumer protection measures in a digital world.



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