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There are no Shortcuts to Good Surveys

Feb 04/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

In order to avoid heaps of paper like this; 

Heap of paper

and move into the 21st Century, more and more of the surveys we implement are being done on electronic gadgets or netbooks. These offer numerous benefits in terms of the quality of and speed with which data is obtained, but it certainly does not necessarily make a Project Associate's life that much easier. 

USA! USA! We're number one!

Feb 02/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

A couple of weeks ago USAID administrator Rajiv Shah unveiled a new Evaluation Policy, which Nancy Birdsall sees as "a big step ahead of the World Bank". 

The New USAID Evaluation Policy is Not Getting Nearly Enough Attention. It not only outlines a new policy.  It amounts to fostering a new culture, of transparency and learning.

Notes from "the Field"

Jan 28/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Julian Jamison and Chris Blattman are in the field. Meanwhile my colleague Noompa ruminates on our use of the term "field"

MCC Impact Evaluation Conference

Jan 27/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Last Friday I attended the inaugural Impact Evaluation Conference at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. It was great hearing an exciting mix of new research fresh from leading academics, and ideas from various practitioners on the challenges of incorporating evaluation into public policy.

Is Microcredit now giving rise to Loan Sharks?

Jan 26/11 | From the blog
by Lee Crawfurd

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus is scathing of for-profit microfinance in a recent New York Times op-ed.  

I never imagined that one day microcredit would give rise to its own breed of loan sharks.

But it has.

Notes from the field: Peru "Graduation" Pilot

Jan 20/11 | From the blog
by Adam Kemmis-Betty

This blog is cross-posted from the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program website. 

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