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Dear Randomista: How to get started as a young researcher

Apr 15/11 | From the blog

Over at the World Bank Development Impact blog, David McKenzie posts a question from a reader and some advice from Dean Karlan and Dean Yang. 

MTGI Released Today

Apr 14/11 | From the blog

More Than Good Intentions (MTGI), the new book by Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel was released today.

Order your copy here

What Works in Post Conflict Recovery?

Apr 13/11 | From the blog
"The World Development Report has now been released, and its focus is very much in line with the current of development thought right now: fragile states.

More Than Good Intentions: How a New Economics is Helping to Solve Global Poverty

Apr 11/11 | From the blog

In celebration of the release of their book this Thursday April 14th, authors Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel will be giving away 1 pill for deworming children for each mention of #morethangoodintentions on Twitter (up to 10,000 pills).

New Impact Evaluation Blog

Apr 04/11 | From the blog

David McKenzie (an IPA affiliate) launched a new blog at the World Bank; "Development Impact" last friday. No doubt essential reading for global development wonks. 

Our goal is to cover a broad range of issues relating to impact evaluations, including:

Was Microsoft Wrong to “Use” the Japanese Earthquake for Marketing?

Mar 21/11 | From the blog

Dean Karlan gets real in his latest blog post up at Freakonomics - people always benefit from giving - does it matter as long as the giving is for good causes?

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